Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Before David left for school this morning, I peeked into his room and discovered a disaster area! I said, "Wow! You'll need to work on that this afternoon, huh?" Off he went to school. Just now I walked past his closed bedroom door and found this:

I like the hazardous waste symbol. :-)


Lisa said...

Cute. I guess he didn't want anybody else to be surprised when they saw his room, huh?

SusieQ said...

That's funny. I walked by my teenage son's room this morning and peeked in. I said, "Wow, your room is getting a little out of control" He said, "No, it's just starting to look good to me"

Kathy F. said...

Once I made a comment like that about my teenage daughter's room. She replied, "No, it's just cozy."