Monday, May 28, 2012

half a hundred!

For weeks I planned and prepared and tried to keep things a secret, even when Nelson felt that no one cared about his birthday.  At last the day of his party came, and he was indeed just a tad surprised:

Even though it was Memorial Day weekend, many friends and family came.  Burt (who was our best man when we got married) and his wife came from Portland; Nelson's parents came from Salem; John (a friend from Nelson's U of O dorm days) flew up from Santa Barbara.  And lots of local friends came and packed out house.  We all sang:

Heather was my camera person.  She caught lots of well-wishes on video:

Miscellaneous pictures:

My friend Fred (Meyer) made a lovely cake.

Nelson's Mom made a scrapbook.  There were paper and pens for writing greetings.

 Friends brought food to share.
I made a poster of events from Nelson's birth year.



Happy birthday, Nelson!