Saturday, August 18, 2012

summer wanderings 6

Drain was really fun!

It's the home of some old Victorian houses.  One now houses a chocolate shop.

One is the home of the school district office.  We found wild parsley next to that one.

Driving out the other side of town, we found what looked like a wild west series of store fronts.

We had awesome hot dogs and ice cream at The N Zone.  Mom and David shared a Cougar Dog, while Nelson and Aaron split a Wild Bear Dog.

We saw yet another covered bridge.

We come home by way of the Lorane Highway, which was very pretty.

  Near Eugene we came past what looked like a public garden, but turned out to be someone's home.

summer wanderings 5

Oakridge and Dexter!

We were tired the day we drove up to Oakridge, so we didn't get many pictures, but did rest at a near-by rest area.  First we played near the river.  The guys all took turns skipping rocks.

The surrounding mountain sides were beautiful.  We drove among the houses on the town's hill sides.

We also drove through Dexter, although we didn't take any pictures.

summer wanderings 4

Jefferson, Scio, and Crabtree

We found out that Jefferson has a museum.

And a quaint little downtown with old-style facades.

We stopped at the Jefferson Market and picked up a picnic lunch, which we ate at the park next to the middle school.

Then on to Scio, "the covered bridge capital of the West."  You can read about it here. (Nelson decided to edit the Wikipedia entry on Scio to add this factoid.)

Here are two bridges we found:

By chance we stumbled upon Camp Morrison, which is where Nelson had many leadership camps and did his Wood Badge training in Scouts.

We also drove through Crabtree.  Yup it was that exciting...