Monday, June 30, 2008

Coast trip

Don't you just love that jingle on the radio about the Oregon coast, comparing it to Hawaii? Complete with ukulele music? We sing it a bit differently here at our house:

"The central Oregon coast,
I like it the most.
With just a little bit of sand and sea,
But it's a whole lot colder than Hawaii!"

Once again, we proved that true when we took Heather and her friends (and David) to the coast on Friday. They had a ball playing on the beach, while Nelson and I sat in the car, napping, reading, crocheting. (Well, Nelson didn't crochet, I did.) Not only was it cold outside, the wind was whipping along and turning the beach into a giant sand-blasting machine. When you roll Nelson's car windows up or down, you can still hear the grinding and scraping of the sand that blew into the mechanism.

I don't know what it is. People say they love going to the coast, but every time I go, it's cold and windy, and I'm miserable. I like to watch the waves breaking and the seagulls wheeling around; I enjoy the rugged coastline and the hazy view out to sea. But don't ask me to play on the Oregon beach.
Brooke, Nicole, Andrea, Heather, Nathan, Georgia, and Tabor.
Do they look a bit wind-swept to you? They are still smiling, however. Ah, youth....


Rachel said...

I know what you mean about the wind and the sand and the cold... but I do still love the beach!! You know what I love? I love when I'm inside a warm beach house and it's stormy outside - AND I don't have to go out in it.
I'm glad Heather has good friends. That's so sweet of you guys to take them over for the day and sit in the car. I hope she appreciated that!!

Kathy F. said...

I did appreciate it! It was really fun. Thanks Mom and Dad. :D

Meg said...

We went lasy Friday to Neptune beach and it was much more sheltered so we enjoyed it.

I can't handle the sideways sand but this beach has a nice alcove that Cummins Creek goes through.

You are good parents! Now, if I can just get you to teach me to have kids as good as yours!!!

Lisa said...

I love the Oregon coast. I miss it. I don't like the wind, but I have been there quite a few times when it has been calm and warm and beautiful! (but not California by any means)