Thursday, February 4, 2010

welcome home, elder farrier!

Monday, February 1, Aaron returned home from his mission in the Monterrey Mexico East Mission. At first, he was scheduled to arrive at 8:15 pm. Then he called to say he'd missed his connecting flight in Portland and would arrive at 11:00 pm. Yikes! Super late. Then he called again to say he'd been rerouted and would arrive at 10:30. Almost on the dot, his plane arrived and he made his way down the stairs.

David made this fun sign to welcome him.
I especially like the little Mexican missionary in the middle.

Some wonderful friends from the ward were there to meet him. Some even beat us to the airport! And they came back when he was delayed. They brought little children. They were so supportive. It was a bit overwhelming for the newly-returned missionary, who wasn't quite sure what to do or to say. But it made him very happy. Thank you, Everyone!

Aaron brought back a sombrero for David,
and belts for David and for Dad.
It's a cool look for them both, don't you think?

More photos are to be seen on my facebook page. Check them out here.