Monday, June 30, 2008

Buzz cut!

Doesn't he look handsome? David needed a haircut desperately, so his sister talked him into getting a buzz cut, instead of the usual short-on-the-sides-longer-on-the-top-with-bangs look. I was scared as I put the electric razor to his head. After all, if he didn't like it, there wasn't much I could do until it grew out again. But he loves it! In fact, he was sad that today wasn't school, because he wanted to show off for his friends there. But he did get to show his church friends yesterday. He says it's a lot cooler. With summer here, I think he'll enjoy this.

Here's a closer look at his head:


Meg said...

What a handsome future missionary!

Sara said...

Good job Kathy! Pierce just got his hair buzzed too--always a good summer 'do.

Lisa said...

You do a good job cutting hair! He is a handsome boy.