Monday, July 9, 2012

summer wanderings 3

Veneta, Elmira, Triangle Lake, Low Pass, Blachly, and Cheshire:  We hit many of the hot spots of Lane County this past Friday.

We went back to Veneta just to go to Our Daily Bread when it was open:

Tasted great! (Nelson liked it with lots of butter.) Kathy and David ate the blueberry muffin before we could get a picture of it.  :-)

David is happier than he looks.

The scenery on the way to Triangle Lake was lovely:

At the lake we found the tiny park, but it was nice and calm.  We sat and read for most of the afternoon.  We watched people on jet-skis and boats and kayaks and water skis.

We came home by way of Blachly, Low Pass, and Cheshire:

Isn't this a quaint little post office?

Nelson took this because we were there last summer for fireworks.

Can't wait for our next adventure!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

summer wanderings 2

For our outing this Friday, we went to Brownsville, Crawfordsville, and Sweet Home.  We went to the Linn County Historical Museum, toured the Moyer House, ate lunch at Randy's (yummy bread!), walked around downtown, and strolled by the Calapooia River.

Just for fun we posed as Mr. and Mrs. Brown:

Here we are at the Calapooia River:

Crawfordsville had a covered bridge:

Sweet Home had a covered bridge and an A&W!

We were excited to see a sign for "Foster Lake Mall"... But then we saw the mall:

Another nice trip to rural Oregon!

summer wanderings 1

This summer, instead of making one long trip as a family, we have decided to make short trips to see the places around us.  So for our first outing, we drove out to the thriving metropolis of Veneta!  The famous Our Daily Bread restaurant and bakery was closed due to a wedding party.  It's renovated church.  We might go back there when it's open to the public.

Downtown Veneta needs a sign to let you know you're there:


Just seeing Veneta wasn't enough, so we took in the sights at Crow as well.  (David asked a good question:  Why is the school mascot a cougar?  ... )