Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Be Our Guest..."

Heather sings in the Hi-Tones group at her high school. Thursday they had a concert titled "Be Our Guest," which was so fun. They sang about a dozen songs from various Disney musicals, from "Snow White" to "Beauty and the Beast" to "Aladdin" to "Mary Poppins" and more. They did great!

The Hi-Tones.

Heather sang a duet: "Someday My Prince Will Come/He's a Tramp".

She was given an award for being so consistent and the "go-to" gal for the choir.

We're quite proud of our young lady.


Rachel said...

You have every reason to be proud of Heather. She is amazing!
I miss her... and am so sad I won't be at camp this year with her. :(

Lisa said...

I would have liked that concert - my kind of music! Heather does have a very nice voice, and the Hi Tones are hard to get into, aren't they? I think Chris sang with them way back when. Way to go Heather!

LeaAnne said...

She is so great! That sounds like a really fun concert!