Friday, June 28, 2013

they're such hams...

Every year, the American Radio Relay League sponsors Field Day, an event where ham radio enthusiasts all over the country try to "work" (contact) as many stations as possible on most of the amateur radio bands, operating in unusual situations, i.e. not at home on commercial power.  Individuals and clubs set up ham stations out in parks, in the wild, etc., where they test mobile antennas and mobile rigs.

Mobile ham radio "shack" set up by the Emerald Amateur Radio Society
Nelson and David participated for the first time this year.  First we went to the site set up by the Valley Radio Club of Eugene at The Science Factory.  When they found out David didn't have his license, they had him sit down immediately and try to make a contact.  After many attempts at being heard, he finally did get to talk with someone.  (Sorry, no pics.)

Then we went to a Springfield park, where the Emerald Amateur Radio Society had a site.  Nelson and David took turns trying to make contacts.  By the end of the day, each had made three total contacts with stations from places all over the country.

Nelson also tried listening to a radio satellite as it passed over, but to no avail.
It was fun to see how this worked, and especially great that my guys had some success!