Friday, March 27, 2009

a whale of a good time--now with sound!

(If you click here, you can now hear a recording of the waves, our whale-watching guide, and of some of the other watchers that day.)

In all the years we've lived in Oregon, we've never gone whale-watching. So, yesterday we took off and gave it a try. We stopped at a look-out just north of Sea Lion Caves and looked out to sea. The day was lovely--no wind, just a few sprinkles of rain, not too much fog.

Nelson scanning the horizon for spouts.

Heather took a turn with the binoculars.

A brave gull that let me get pretty close.

David and Nelson fed the brave gull.

The good news is that we all got to see at least some spouts. A very nice whale-watching guide (you can see her in the video) lent David some binoculars, so he saw a tail and more. Way fun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

sixth picture

I got this idea from Cari's blog. The idea is to pick the sixth picture from the sixth sub-folder in your picture folder. So, here's mine--and there is a story behind it.

Some time ago (before this quilt), I wanted to make a quilt for Aaron. For the back, I found some really cute fabric with cows. It was darling. But when I brought it home, the men in the house had a...well, a cow. [sigh] So I put it away for future use.

Isn't this cute?

Fast forward a couple of years: When I was RS pres, we were assigned to make a quilt for Deseret Industries. I had assigned a quilt specialist, but she moved before she could finish it. Also, she had made a top that was basically a light blue rectangle inside of a dark blue rectangle. Now, I cannot tie a quilt without squares or something to use as a guide. So, I took it apart and remade it. I had some red fabric on hand, and I had this adorable cow fabric. The colors were just right. I still like how it turned out.

Post script: Heather found some extra squares from the quilt project and made me this adorable pillow. So I can still enjoy those darling cows.

Monday, March 2, 2009

a star is born

Heather is second female lead in Churchill High School's production of Once Upon a Mattress. We went opening night last Saturday. She did so well!

Lady Larken and Sir Harry.

Isn't she lovely?

Grandma was so proud of her--as were we all.

blue and gold

Last Tuesday evening was the Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner.
The theme was Route 66.

David was awarded some activity badges.

The highlight of the evening was the cake auction. David designed and made the cake shown at the top of this post. Of course, we HAD to buy the cake. David was worried that we wouldn't get it. lol We got the cake. In fact, David just finished the last piece.