Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Adventures of Superman!

Our family likes old TV series. Lately we've been watching DVDs of the old Superman series with George Reeves. Oh, how I loved that show when I was a little ! I'd watch every episode, then call my best friend and we'd talk about it. I thought Superman was so handsome and brave! He always saved the day and was so kind about it. And he was modest and polite. It's fun to relive the adventures and share them with my kids.

Emergency Preparedness

So, everywhere I turn these days, I see warnings and advice about emergency preparedness. I'm sure you've seen them too. I keep feeling prompted to do something in case of emergencies. Natural and man-made disasters seem to be all around us! While it may seem overwhelming, if we do one little step at a time, we can be more prepared to deal with whatever may come.

One website I saw suggested making a list of all the things in your house that use electricity. Take a sheet of paper, draw a line down the center, and label the left side "Things that use electricity." My list included: heat, lights, stove-top, oven, washer, dryer, dishwasher, radio, TV, refrigerator, freezer. Label the right side "Replacements." Then list things that could replace those items. My list included:

for the heaters: fireplace and wood, matches
for the lights: flashlights, candles, batteries, matches, glow-sticks
for the stove top: grill, , hobo stove, buddy burners, matches
for the oven: applebox reflector oven, charcoal, Dutch oven, matches
for the washer: tub, 5 gallon bucket and plunger, washboard
for the dryer: drying racks, clothesline or rope, clothespins
for the dishwasher: tub, dish detergent
for the radio: battery radio and batteries
Not really good replacements for the fridge or the freezer.

This suggestion came from the website blog.totallyready.com. This gal also has a running series called Seven Steps, with seven ideas a week for improving your family's emergency preparedness. She has many other ideas as well.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Newborn Blogger

So I've been thinking about setting up a blog for some time now. Everyone I know has a blog, filled with interesting pictures and stories and links. My good friend LeaAnne convinced me that I should start one. So here goes.

It's amazing that so many people have so many things to say. I've wondered where to start: my cleaning adventures of the day? taking my son shoe shopping? (He had to use the nylon footies to try on the sandals... he he) how I feel about the cherry trees along River Road? I just don't know. Maybe later I'll have more...