Thursday, July 29, 2010

rub-a-dub-dub. i see a new tub

For my birthday, Nelson made me this card, and proceeded to go to work:

Here is why we needed a new one:


We had refinished it ourselves a couple of years ago.  But now great flakes of paint were peeling up.  Disgusting.

Nelson hard at work.  He did everything himself:  removed the old caulking, took off a row of tile, removed the old tub, put in the new tub, put in the new tile, caulking, etc.


And here is the result of all his hard work!  A sparkly, lovely bathtub I'd even like to take a bath in.


Aren't I lucky/blessed to have a guy who can do this?


Michele Alger said...

Looks great! When we need a new tub, we'll know who to ask for advice! ;-)

PJ Productions said...

Wow! That really looks great! Nelson did a wonderful job with the tub and the tile!