Friday, October 23, 2009

road bullies

What is up with road bullies? I am amazed when some guy or gal gets behind me, rides my bumper, and seems irritated that I don't want to go 10 miles over the speed limit! If these people are in crowded halls, do they just push their way through with their elbows?

Wednesday coming back from Portland, I came upon a line of 3 or 4 trucks, going a bit under the speed limit. I wanted to keep at 65, so I pulled into the left lane. Not in front of anyone. Gradually, I was making my way past them. Suddenly, up on my bumper comes this gal, determined to go through me, I guess. When I didn't speed up, she crept closer and closer. Finally, I did get past the truck, but wanted to wait to get back into the right lane until I could see both headlights of the truck in my rearview mirror. I was taught to do that because it is dangerous to pull right in front of a big semi. Well! Apparently that infuriated my tail-gater even more, because she came even closer, and as soon as she barely cleared the truck, she whipped into the right lane (right in front of the truck), laid on her horn, and (as I could see but thankfully not hear) began shouting "colorful language" as she drove past.

What is with these people? Who gave them the right to demand that I exceed the speed limit? Who gave them the right to demand that I endanger my life, my son's life, and the life of a truck-driver so that they can blast down the highway at any speed they want?

I am sick to death of road bullies.


Meg said...

You did the right thing. They were breaking the law. Someday the police will put her in line.

LeaAnne said...

It is so amazing!! Rune and I have made an agreement to not speed at all anymore.(obeying the This is tough when people are on top of you like that. It can be frightening!! You did the right thing! Love ya!

Oregon said...

I thought people only drove like that here in Utah! I can not believe how rude people have become in general. It shows how they behave on the road! And their behavior puts others in danger. Really scary!