Saturday, October 17, 2009

the angel-mobile

Heather has a parakeet named Angel. She's a funny old bird. David and his friend Kyle made a Lego truck for her to ride around in. She seems to like it!



PJ Productions said...

That is crazy funny! I'm glad you posted a video so that we could get the full effect.

Ging said...

Of course your family came up with a "lego-car" for your bird. of course. Clever clever. P.S. I LOVE your 72 hour kit idea0

Garcia's said...

What!? The Farrier's have a blog? This is so exciting. I'm adding you to mine. Send me an email at so I can invite you to ours. Love you guys.
PS I love the 72 hour kit idea.

Meg said...

That's awesome. I was amazed she didn't fly off but then I saw she was "buckled in". LOL

LeaAnne said...

We have had a good look at this as it was very important new form of transportation! ;) I love it!