Wednesday, April 1, 2009

David earns his Webelos and Arrow of Light

David has worked hard the last few weeks (as have his parents and his Cub Scout leader), and last night he was awarded his last activity badges and his Webelos award. He got to carry the flag for the opening flag ceremony:

Lots of good marching action.

A pleased-looking young man.

Of course, there was the pinning of the mom. (Or her shirt, anyway.)

He also earned his Arrow of Light award, which was presented in a solemn Native American-style ceremony. We're awfully proud of him.

This is our last pack meeting. [sigh] David turns 11 this month and will move on to Boy Scouts. End of an era.


Sara said...

Congratulations David!!

PJ Productions said...

Pete is always happy to see a hard working boy. Way to go David!

carizolli said...

Way to go David! What an accomplishment!

Lisa said...

Congratulations, David (and Mom and Dad). I can't believe these kids are getting this old.