Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a couple of milestones

Saturday was a big day for David.

In the morning, he participated in a "cross-over" at the Scout Family Carnival. He crossed over from being a Cub Scout to being a Boy Scout. They had a rope bridge set up for the boys to cross--and on the other side they were met by Scout leaders--in the case of David and his friend, Ethan, their dads. End of one era. Start of another.

Some happy Cubs.

The ceremony included some Native American-style activity.

David almost ran across the bridge. (Being spotted by an older Scout.)

Two new Boy Scouts.

The other milestone actually was on Friday, when David turned eleven. But he and his friend, Ethan, had a joint birthday party at Putters on Saturday afternoon. Lots of good putting action. Friends. Cake. Gifts. Arcade games.

David and his golfing buddies.

Mom made a cake.

Make a wish!

Mom's wish: that time didn't fly by so fast...


carizolli said...

Happy Birthday David! What a big weekend for you!

Putters is SO MUCH FUN!

rachel said...

Didn't you just have him??