Tuesday, January 20, 2009

stuff i like

I have been on the search for THE perfect ice-cube tray, or at least one that actually lets you get the ice cubes out without losing your mind. The ones I've bought in the grocery store look OK, but when it's time to get the cubes out, I'm twisting, I'm turning, I'm running hot water over the bottom of the tray and having the cubes fall into the sink. Argh!

Then, at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I found these great trays by the OXO company (no idea if it's any reference to hugs and kisses). BUT, I was ready to kiss them when I first tried them. They have a cover, which can be a little tricky putting on with water in the tray. (See below for how to work around that.) But when the cubes froze and I was ready to pop them out, just a delicate tiny twist, and *voila*! They all loosened at once! And because there is a cover, they didn't shoot all over the room, either! An extra bonus: The cover is made with this little lip, so that you can tip out exactly how many cubes you want--even just one!

These are THE ice-cube trays for me.

(Now about putting the lid on with water in the tray: Don't remove the cover all the way. Push it half-way to one side and fill the open half. Then set the tray down and gently move the cover half-way to the other side and fill the second half. Then set the tray down again and move the cover to the center. Carefully carry the tray to the freezer.)


LeaAnne said...

SOSO Great! I have gone through a bunch of the other kind. I think these new ones are going to be the greatest trays ever! I can't wait to see your ice! :)

Meg said...

It's the little things that can cause such joy in our lives!☺