Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our New Family History Blog

For many years I've been collecting family histories and family photos of my ancestors. It's been a lot of fun and I've had some adventures and surprises along the way.

Just recently, it occurred to me that I could post these histories and photos to a blog, and then they would be available on the Internet to others, particularly other descendants of my ancestors.

So I am hereby announcing the debut of "Where We Came From," a blog for our family to post life histories and photos of our ancestors, Farrier and Davidson. I invite you to check it out--who knows, maybe we are related!

I've just started uploading the stories and pictures--one of my goals this year is to finish this project.

(Sidenote: Don't laugh about being related. When we first moved to our ward, I was asked to give a talk on my "spiritual heritage." I decided to tell some stories from my ancestors. After Church, a sister whom we'd started to be friends with said, "Hey, those were stories from my ancestors!" We discovered that our dads are first cousins! Small world.)


♥ rachel said...

What a great idea!

Sara said...

That is an awesome idea! I enjoyed reading through family histories when Pierce needed a story for Primary. Would never have thought to put them in a blog though. Love it!

Meg said...

Very inspiring idea!!!

Lisa said...

I think that is a good idea too. Maybe I will do that for our families when I finish some other projects1

LeaAnne said...

That Patty Davis, I miss her! I love your blog!

quincy said...

Great Idea! I have started looking into my family history a little more. It is very interesting.