Monday, December 22, 2008

Yes, We Have No Minced Garlic

Now, I have used dried minced garlic in my cooking for years. I am no Martha Stewart--I don't buy fresh garlic and mince my own. I don't care for the bottled fresh minced garlic. I like the convenience of the dried stuff. Easy to store. Lasts nearly forever. Way good.

BUT, within the last two months, suddenly, I can't find dried minced garlic at WinCo! It's not in the spice section. It's not in the bulk spice section. I can find garlic powder, garlic salt, dried sliced garlic, granulated garlic, minced onions--but not my beloved minced garlic. Why have the powers that be abandoned it?

Today I went to Fred Meyer and found the last two bottles of dried minced garlic on the shelf for an outrageous price. I bought them both.

So, if you can enlighten me on the sudden disappearance of dried minced garlic, I would greatly appreciate it!


Lisa said...

I don't know why they get rid of things that we consider staples in our cooking, but I feel your pain! I was making a dessert the other day that called for Nestle's chocolate bake (a liquid chocolate in a packet) and I discovered that they don't seem to have it at the grocery stores anymore either. It took a lot of experimentation before my husband, my mother-in-law and I came up with a suitable substitution. Why can't they just keep making our cooking ingredients and make life a little easier?

LeaAnne said...

If you find freeze dried bell pepper flakes let me know:)

Tennille said...

The only place I ever had any luck finding it was at the Super Wal-Mart on West 11th. It may be more reasonably priced than Fred Meyer, but you never know in these days of price hikes. Happy Shopping.