Friday, December 19, 2008

Card Towers

In addition to Heather's other talents, she has learned to build towers of cards. Here she is with one she made the other night.

Then she decided to build on a larger scale:

Wanting to find out how much weight the tower would hold, she put a dish on top and began adding marbles, eventually getting to 125. So far, so good:

The 126th marble, though, proved to be just one too many:

If I were brilliant, I would come up with how this is an analogy with life or something. But I'm not. So I won't. It was just a fun project.


PJ Productions said...

What a fun activity. I want to try in now.

Meg said...

My kids would LOVE to learn how to do that!

carizolli said...

I've tried building card towers but I've never been able to do it! That's an incredible card skyscraper.

LeaAnne said...

Hey that's COOL!! So,we should get her a TON of those sugar and creamer packets from the Restaurant's so she could have some other kind of medium to build with! :) I love your girl!

Lisa said...

I didn't realize that card towers were so strong. I am impressed it held so much weight.