Thursday, November 29, 2012

time out!

At the beginning of November, I got to go with two of my favorite people, Lennae and Whitney, to Time Out for Women.  On the way we stopped in Aurora, a delightful little town, noted for its colorful history and its antique stores.  You can read about Aurora here and here.  Next summer I want to take my family, if we do any more summer wanderings.

And of course, Time Out for Women was fabulous.  We heard from Jenny Oaks Baker, Virginia Pearce, Sheri Dew, Hilary Weeks, Mary Ellen Edmunds, DeAnne Flynn, John Hilton, Wendy Ulrich, and Laurel Christensen.  Lots of uplift, lots of tears, lots of laughs.  I was especially moved by the violin music of Jenny Oaks Baker.  Sometimes I felt a deep emotional connection, even though the music wasn't something I thought was exceptionally "pretty."

Lennae has a "thing" for old posts and architectural work.

Whitney's "thing" is diamond glass.

My "thing" is being with my friends at an interesting place.

Even "Honest Abe" was there!

What a fun pair!  (BTW, that little house to their right is a chicken coop.)

The sign warns you that the bell might ring without warning, but we heard nothing.

Mother-Daughter Duo.

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