Friday, April 1, 2011

oh, no!

So, Heather comes home from school this afternoon, all upset because she was in a little accident.  She said she was at a red light, thought it turned green, started to turn left, and got hit on the driver's side.  Everyone was OK, but the other car's front looked pretty smooshed.  She gave them her information and got theirs.  I just knew it!  These car things come in threes and I've been waiting for another mishap.  It's going to be just like a few years ago when we had the pickup and the Plymouth and I was on the phone to the insurance company every other week.  So, she takes me out to the car to see the damage.  Here's a link to the damage pictures.
  She got a good spanking afterward.


PJ Productions said...

You really scared me! Few.

Tennille said...

I always love a good April Fool's prank, especially when it falls in place so perfectly. Well - as long as I'm the one pulling the prank, that is!