Wednesday, September 22, 2010

pears, pears, pears

I bought a box of pears through the Relief Society, and put them in the refrigerator while I was away, taking Aaron to BYU-Idaho. After two weeks of refrigeration, they were ready to be taken out to ripen and use. They all came due this week!

So I have now canned 15 quarts of pears.

Made pear-sauce in my slow-cooker, using an applesauce recipe. We had some the other night and loved it! It's also really good on hot oatmeal for breakfast.

Dried some. Dehydrated pears are chewy, but tasty as a snack.

I even found a recipe for pear pie. Can't wait to try it tonight!

I feel so domestic!


Michele Alger said...

LOVE it!WTG, Kathy!!

PJ Productions said...

That pie looks delicious. Good for you.

Garcia's said...

Kathy- seriously, I love you! I miss you too. i love reading your posts because it takes be back to a special time in our lives.