Tuesday, May 25, 2010

everything's just ducky!

For the past three days, our backyard has hosted a pair of mallards. In fact, on Sunday, there were three, then four ducks: this pair and two additional drakes. One drake seemed especially interested in the little duck, even though she has a limp. He would sit off to the side, then slowly try to sneak over to her. But this drake (with the saucy little feather sticking out) chased any would-be wooers away with much flapping of wings and lowering of beak and much general bravery.

They let David get amazingly close with his bread crumbs. The duck was more interested than the drake. The drake seemed concerned, so if the duck got too close, he would nip her on her behind.

"I am one brave duck, no? You don't mess with my woman!"

"Here's quacking at you, kid!"
(What a flirt!)


LeaAnne said...

SO SO Cute!! I love that~ (do you hear them alot??)

Kathy said...

Actually, they are very quiet while they are here. They do a little ducky-muttering, but that's about it. :-)

Bob said...

I have some mallards that fly into my pond almost daily.