Wednesday, September 30, 2009

taking Heather to byu-idaho

Early this month I drove Heather to Idaho to attend BYU-Idaho. Our first stop was my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Robert's house, where we spent the night.

Don't they look like nice people? They are. My aunt is my mother's twin sister--and many people have confused them over the years. I guess my mother's undertaker nearly passed out when my aunt walked into the viewing. My Aunt Karen and Uncle Gene came over for a visit while we were there, along with my cousin Shawna. I didn't get pics, though.

Here we are in front of their house. Don't we look happy? Even after driving 10 hours together?

Heather made me buy her this shirt, which I couldn't resist, because she does look awfully cute in it. We had fun shopping together in Pocatello. This is in my Dad & Stepmom's kitchen.

Here we are with my Dad and Stepmom in front of their house. Don't they look like nice people? They are.

That night we drove to Rexburg, where we stayed in a motel. Up early the next morning and off to campus. Standing in long lines. (Sitting for a while in one line.) Getting dorm room assignment. Getting ID card. Signing up for new-student-activity team. Off to the dorm.

Heather found her room.

Unpacked. Where to put it all? There is closet space behind the mirror!

Was glad to get things in place.

Met her roommate. Doesn't she look nice? She is.

We went to a student/parent luau that night. Way fun. Polynesian dancing, singing. Even fire juggling! Pretty good food.

Heather spent the night in her new home. I went back to the motel. The next morning I went back up on campus. Final good-byes. "No crying, Mom!" So, just a bit of tearing up. A hug. Turning around and walking away. Letting go is hard. Maybe I'll blog about that sometime.

She'll do great!


Sara said...

So many nice people :) Heather will be well taken care of. Hope her first few weeks have gone well! It won't be too long before she is back home for holidays.

carizolli said...

Oh my goodness...Heather's all grown up *sniff sniff* Sounds like you guys had a great time. What? No pictures of the fire juggling? That's what I want to see!

rachel said...

Here I am reading this post for the first time...and I just saw Heather today at church home for the holidays! WOW how time flew. :)