Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The War on Women

A former bishop of ours recently wrote on his blog:

"Much of my time spent in counseling was with women, most of them unhappy in some way. Although they came to me with many different types of pain (marriage, children, callings, etc.), the common thread seemed at its basic level to be a lack of self-worth or a sense of personal value. Even with some of the strongest sisters, who served with tremendous capacity in a wide range of responsibilities, there was a near-constant struggle with feelings of inadequacy. After several months of this, it became clear to me that I was in fact witnessing a very subtle plot against women, designed by the Master Deceiver. The intent of it was obvious: If he could get women to forget who they really were, instead focusing on who the world told them they should be and what they must do in order to have value, then entire families, even generations, would be at risk. I remember once standing in front of our Relief Society sisters and telling them that they were being targeted and that if they weren't rock solid in their testimony and commitment, his lies would prevail in their lives."

I hope you got to attend the recent General Women's broadcast. If not here is the link to the audio archives and transcripts. I was so inspired and impressed by the forcefulness of the talks. We were so encouraged and admonished in love. I can't express how I felt sitting there with friends that night, drinking in the beautiful messages.

This former bishop also referred to a recent Women's Conference address by Sheri Dew, which further emphasized the theme of rising to be all that our Heavenly Father wants us to be. You can read it here.

Maybe you're like me--it's all to easy to feel small and insignificant. To slip into a rut and just coast along. These talks remind me who I am and what my Heavenly Father would like to have me do. The Master Deceiver is indeed hard at work. He knows our weaknesses and where to pick at us. I, too, know many women who struggle with feelings of inferiority, of not measuring up, of lacking skills or talents or worth. I know others who have bought into the world's messages, who reject the Church and its teachings, who think they know better.

I wonder what messages we send our daughters or the young s around us when we struggle with these issues.

I wish I could remember every day the thoughts and feelings these talks and conferences bring to me. Maybe that's why we need to have the talks and conferences come around on a regular basis. The Adversary is certainly working every day. How thankful I am for wise bishops, Women's Conference, Relief Society broadcasts, wise speakers and leaders! How thankful I am for the examples of good women all around me! Many of you are my examples and I am awed to be in your lives. Thank you!


Lisa said...

The women's broadcast was very good! I left there feeling like I could do a little more and serve a little better. It is easy to get discouraged, though, and I hadn't thought about our lack of confidence being a tool of the advesary. It certainly puts things in a new perspective when you think of it that way. Thanks for sharing those insights.

Rachel said...

Kathy, You are indeed an example to ME. Thank you.

LeaAnne said...

It was such a great meeting!!! I also think about what we are doing to our daughters.. I LOVED going with you and the time we spent together!:)
I am so glad that we share this love and Sisterhood! HUGS!