Thursday, September 18, 2008

Heather needs a job

So, Heather's summer job ended and her expenses haven't. Life seems so much more expensive now than it was when I was a kid. Especially with her driving... So, this is my attempt at networking.

She has applied to work at Court Sports Kids Klub and at the River Road Park, but we won't know if either of those pan out for some time. I don't know--is it just me? This whole looking for a job thing wigs me out!

She worked about 20 minutes this summer at KFC. (Well, maybe a few minutes more.) But between girls camp and volunteering at cub camp and family vacation and getting her wisdom teeth out, she really didn't work many hours. And she says she HATED it and will not work fast food again. (I keep telling her she's lucky not to have to work at the potato factory where I worked for three summers, standing in the cold, noisy, smelly factory cutting black spots off potatoes all NIGHT long. She says that sounds fun...)

I know this is rambling, but I am really wondering what to encourage her to do. Jobs for teens seem hard to find. Especially ones that won't insist on her working Sundays, which is strictly off-limits for us. If anyone has any ideas or leads, I'd be grateful. Or if you need a babysitter, she's really good with kids. Or you can just pray for us... :-)


SusieQ said...

Is she available this Saturday from about 11:00-5:00? We're looking for a babysitter. (I'll call and talk with her.)

Meg said...

I remember those days...find a job isn't easy especially finding one you actually like.

Have you tried the LDS Employment Center? They sometime have good leads.

Rachel said...

I'd say hit the mall asking for applications, but retail often requires employees to work on Sundays. It's always worth a shot, though.
Good luck to that sweetie girl!
(How's she liking Churchill?)

Kathy F. said...

Thanks for the leads and tips. You guys (gals) are great! Heather seems to be doing OK at Churchill. She's kind of shy, so making new friends is a challenge. But I think she's doing well overall.

PJ Productions said...

We need a sitter next Friday the 26th! I have been meaning to call her and would love to pay her to hang out with Jessica. I'll talk to her at church. I would also love to start a monthly date night and Heather is the best. I just babysat when I was her age and it worked out pretty well.