Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day Call from Aaron

Yesterday afternoon, we got to call Aaron for Mothers Day. We got a pre-paid long distance card over the Internet... (Sidenote: Why it's called a "card," I'll never know, since they just send you a phone number and PIN by email, and there is no physical card at all. But, I digress...) I was worried about dialing all those numbers (card phone number, PIN, number to get out of USA, number to get into Mexico, his phone number), but that went great! We used the speaker phone so everyone could hear him and talk with him. It was super to hear his voice and be able to ask and answer questions. Unfortunately, his phone kept dropping out bits and pieces of his words, and he couldn't always hear us, but, bottom-line, it was wonderful!

Aaron says to tell everyone he is doing great. He's lost about 12 pounds biking everywhere and eating only one large meal a day (the custom there). It's hot, so he's shaved his hair down, which helps, I guess. (He says he's smiling a lot so he doesn't look scary.) The people are friendly, if not always interested. They teach a lot of discussions.

He has not been able to send home any pictures from Mexico, either by email (too slow a connection) or by mail (pictures printed out too large for his envelopes). So we're having to wait for that.

Today is transfer day, and he's going to Rio Bravo, which is a city just east of where he has been serving. His new companion will be a native Mexican from Puebla, just south of Mexico City. He's excited to completely immerse himself in Spanish.

We are so proud of Aaron. He is just so enthusiastic about his mission. To be honest, sometimes he was a bit negative here at home. So it's great to have not had a single complaint from him. I am so glad. I know he is where the Lord wants him to be.


SusieQ said...

How fun to be able to talk to your missionary son! Sounds like he's doing great.

LeaAnne said...

Yay! I am so glad that Aaron is doing great! I know you must have been so happy to talk to him! :)I am sure HE was thrilled to talk to you too!